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Are you a movie lover that enjoys a little bit of privacy in your screening of films? Look no further than our VIP theater lounge! Located above our largest den theater, our VIP room offers a perfect and quiet luxury experience just above the regular seating of our theaters.

The main section of the room includes two plush couches and a row of our regular theater seats — the perfect amount of room for a large family or small party of guests (though all are welcome to come with a small number or by themselves as well)! Other luxuries include a dining area, refrigerator, and private bathroom. Catering is available at an additional cost, and the total cost of rental includes your movie ticket!

In addition to our VIP room, we also have a special party room — which can be used to celebrate any special occasion from birthdays to anniversaries and then some! We offer not only party packages, but the opportunity to rent the party room alongside our VIP room for additional cost.

For more rental information please contact our office line at (218) 675-5357!

Hotline: (218) 675-5373 ◦ Office Line: (218) 675-5357
Bear Pause Theater is located in Hackensack, MN on 
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