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It is within our policies at Bear Pause Theater to abide by the MPAA ratings system as closely as possible. The guide provided below is to help give a general idea of what to expect with a film based on the final rating that it is given by the MPAA. An important note that no one under the age of 17 will be allowed to enter into R rated films without a parent or guardian present

G, or "General Audiences-All Ages Admitted"

Films that are given a G rating contain none of the following themes: language, nudity, sex, violence, or material that could otherwise offend the parents of younger children who may be screening the film. Though some snippets of language may go beyond what is considered polite conversation, they are generally kept to everyday expressions with no stronger words being present within these specific conversations or any other within the film. Depictions of violence are minimal or lightly comical in nature. No nudity, scenes of sexual nature or drug use are present in the film as well. It is important to note that a G rating is not a "certificate of approval", nor does it automatically mean that the film in question is one made specifically for children.

PG, or "Parental Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children"

Films that are given a PG-rating may contain material that some parents / guardians deem unsuitable for their children, younger or otherwise. Unlike with G rated films, PG rated films include more mature elements and themes that may call for parental guidance. While light, there may be some instances of profanity within the film, as well as depictions of violence or brief nudity. No drug content is present within PG rated films. Though these elements are not deemed as so intense that they require parents / guardians be present during the screening or strongly cautioned beforehand, they should still take into account the official rating of the film to determine whether or not it is suitable for their younger children.

PG-13, or "Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13"

PG-13 ratings are a sterner warning by the MPAA to parents / guardians to determine whether their children under the age of 13 should view the motion picture. PG-13 films may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but not so much so that the content reaches the territory of an R-rating. To note, the theme of the film itself will not result in a rating greater than PG-13. Any drug content or use in a film will initially require at PG-13 rating at minimum, as will any instance of nudity that is beyond brief or sexually oriented. Depictions of violence within PG-13 films will be stronger than that included in PG-rated films, but not realistic, extreme or persistent type violence. Harsher sexually-derived words and single usages of stronger expletives fall into PG-13 territory, though anything beyond this would require and R-rating. PG-13 rated films bridge the gap between PG and R-rated films, and whether or not children under the age of 13 or between the ages of 13 and 16 should attend these films is left to the decision of parents / guardians.

R, or "Restricted, Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent Or Adult Guardian"

Films that are R rated included some adult material. Parents / guardians are strongly urged to find out more about an R rated film before allowing their children to accompany them to it. No one under the age of 17 will be permitted into R rated films without a parent / guardian present. R rated films may include adult themes, adult activities, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse, or other elements that are not suitable for PG-13 rated films. It is suggested that parents / guardians take the R rated advisory very seriously in regards to minors.

NC-17, or "No One 17 And Under Admitted"

NC-17-rated films are films that most parents / guardians would consider to be too adult for their children under the age of 17. No children will be admitted to NC-17 rated films regardless of whether or not a parent / guardian is present during screening. Though an NC-17 rating does not automatically mean that the film in question is "obscene" or "pornographic", it does signal that the content is only appropriate for an adult audience. NC-17 ratings can be based on violence, sex, aberrational behavior, drug abuse or any other element that most parents would consider to be too strong and therefore off-limits for viewing by their children.

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