Movie Line: (218) 675-5373
County Road 5 just 1 block East of Hwy 371
4479 County Rd. 5 NW -  Hackensack, Minnesota 

About Us - Amenities

For Hackensack and the surrounding areas of northern Minnesota, movie goers are now able to watch first run films in a state-of-the-art cinema theater without driving 45 to 60 miles.

Our 144 by 90 foot building has four theater screens.  The largest theater seats 189, another 123, and the two smaller ones, 97 and 88 seats, respectively. 

We offer many other amenities including:  A Party Room or our VIP Room that can be rented for special events such as birthday's, anniversary's, Christmas party's etc.  Rent our Theaters, for business meetings or seminars (powerpoint and projection capable). Just one phone call can reserve your special event now: (218) 675-5357

More amenities are listed below.

  • Four Theater Screens
  • Seating capacity 497
  • Top of the line Stadium Seating complete with cup holders. Trays are available at concession stand.
  • Large lobby
  • Refreshments
  • Arcade room
  • Private party & VIP room
  • The latest film projection technology
  • Digital Sound
  • Handicapped Seating and Hearing Impaired Devices

Bear Pause Theater  (218) 675-5373
 County Road 5 Just 1 Block East off Hwy 371
4479 County Rd. 5 NW -  Hackensack, Minnesota  56452
Office Line (218) 675-5357

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